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The Emu
19 May 2007 @ 11:16 pm
At Catholic U, there is a housing crisis. It isn't in the fact that the university accepts way too many students that it doesn't have housing for, or even in the hundreds of students it left homeless. No, all those problems are merely a facet of the major crisis. Nobody in the Housing Department has a CLUE what they are doing. They have proven this time and time again, but mostly before this they were minor things, the kind of mistakes that make you shake your head and say, "Oh, housing... why do you suck?" But this time housing pulled the kind of crap that makes you want to tear off heads and paint the walls with their blood...

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The Emu
18 May 2007 @ 05:02 pm
Hello, my name is Thomas Wood, and this is Knocking on Wood.

What is this?
It's a Blog, stupid. Now stop asking questions.

This blog is a continuation of my old blog Enter the Emu. I'm not switching because I don't like the content of my old blog, but I do not feel that LiveJournal is suited to what I want to do (also I'm a GooglePhile, as you will probably find out soon enough). Posts will continue to be updated there with content from here, so if you're an avid LiveJournaler you can still read this blog from there. However the best way to keep updated on this blog is to sign up with Google Reader. I use it. You could also check the blog randomly. The site is going to get a complete redesign soon. I don't anticipate posts coming every day at first. Maybe later, but I'm a busy fellow. But since this is a continuation I will hopefully over the next few months (year) transfer all my old posts from LJ to here (that is 221 entries, so no promises).

Who are you and why should I care?
My you ask a lot of questions.

As I said before, my name is Thomas Wood. I'm an actor, director, writer, aspiring film maker, computer programmer. At the moment I live in Washington, DC, though I was born on Long Island, NY. I am a senior in the Catholic University of America's Drama Program. I have interests ranging from Stage Combat to Photography, Philosophy to Beer, and rather than list them I'll let you get to know them as you read. I am a moderate politically and for radical change to the entire system, but I'm far too apathetic to do anything about it. I am an agnostic. I'm a bisexual. I'm a good listener. I'm a better talker.
And as for why you should care... should you? I don't know. Stick around and find out. You may find what I have to say interesting.

So, what am I going to read about here?
I'm so glad you asked.

Mostly just interesting moments from my life, snarky political comments, and bits and pieces of my world view. We'll probably play some games. A blog is interactive and so the content will really depend on you, and what you find interesting enough to comment on. The topics for this blog will change over time, but for now I would probably list things like Washington DC, acting, writing, college, beer, computers and technology, film. I'll probably throw in a rant or two (who doesn't rant in DC?) but I'll try and keep the bitching to a minimum.

What will I not find here?
  • Emo posts about how much the world hates me.
  • Bad poetry
  • Posts that just talk about my day "And then I went to math, and math was hard. But after that I had lunch with some friends..." Blegh, nothing more boring.
  • Fan-Fiction

I think that is enough introduction for now. I hope you come along for the ride.

Let's start knocking!
The Emu
18 May 2007 @ 03:34 pm
A special note to all you LJers. I am going to start testing the waters with Blogger and see if I like it more than LJ. My blogger address is Knocking on Wood. The format of my blog won't change noticeably, and this hopefully will lead to more updates. I will also continue to update this LJ with content from Knocking on Wood so you will continue to receive this on your friends page. And, of course, If I don't like it I will be switching back.
I also have just started my Professional Theatre Blog to keep track of my theatrical exploits. That will not be updated here.

So from now on the content of this LJ will be copied from Knocking on Wood.
Also, I may be buying a name change token here and changing my LJ name to KnockingOnWood. So be on the lookout for that.

The Emu
12 May 2007 @ 08:13 pm
So it is official. I am a Senior. And a bunch of my very good friends just graduated.

Congrats '007. Have fun in Korea, Good luck in NY, Around here, or wherever you are going. I may not show much emotion, but I will miss you all.

My Summer:

Address: Catholic University of America, Caldwell Hall 206, Washington, DC, 20064
All Summer: Working for the Drama Dept., Deb's office, office work, filing, programming the Box Office Manager.
May 22nd - July 23rd: ASM for Summer Opera Theatre Company productions of Little Women and La Tosca.
June 25th - Sept 9th: Intern/ASM/Gopher for LongAcer Lea production of Harold Pinter's The Hot House.

So I am not going to be able to visit anyone... but if you would like to come visit me I will make time for you!

My first summer in DC. I'm actually pretty excited because this is what I've wanted to do since I knew I was going to college. I now only have to go back to Babylon for Thanksgiving, Winter Break, and Easter Break. And even some of those may be spent with my family elsewhere, which is awesome.

And now, back to packing for my new dorm. But first:

Tom's Life Lessons: Lesson #1
Do not make Easy Mac unless you can devote your full attention to it for 5 minutes. If you wander off you may leave it sitting in the microwave getting cold and the water disappearing (weather absorbing into the macaroni or evaporating into steam, I don't know) and then you won't be able to properly mix the powdered cheese. Then you'll have mostly unflavored macaroni with chunks of somewhat mixed radioactive cheese.
The Emu
A Short Play about Six Characters Involved in the Death of Julius Caesar (or Kill Him in the Shell)
Part of the CUA 2nd Year MFA Director's Series

8 pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday (April 26-28)
Caesar Head
Directed by Matt Ripa
Daniel Vito Siefting - Caesar
Ashley DeMain - Calpurnia/Portia
Thomas Wood - Brutus
Dylan Pinter - Cassius
Alyssa Hayek - Casca
Erin O'Keefe - Marc Antony

In the CALLAN THEATRE in the HARTKE THEATRE COMPLEX on Catholic University Campus - 3801 Harewood Road, N.E. Washington DC 20017

The Emu
20 April 2007 @ 01:52 am
I don't know if you'll be around for it because it is such short notice, but there will be an ONLINE SHOWING OF ROMEO + JULIET.  That is the show I am in this weekend, I play Gregory (First scene, the guy with the first line and the giant farming implement) and I was the Fight Captain on the project, so you know that means the fights will be sweet!  If you guys are around today [Friday] at 7:30 you can watch it on the internet.  Here are the instructions: 

"In order for your families and friends to view the show in real time, they need to go to
Click  (in left side tab) on     Calendar of Events
Then Click on                      April 20th - Romeo and Juliet.
Ours is the only show being run that evening.
*They will need to have Windows Media Player to view the show."

I hope you guys will be able to watch.  If not, the show will be Archived and kept online so you can view it any time.  Send me an email if you want that when it happens.

The Emu
13 April 2007 @ 06:13 pm
"The prevailing mindset, combined with a series of ill-considered actions in the House and Senate over the last several months, causes me to wonder whether today's Democratic leaders fully appreciate the nature of the danger this country faces in the war on terror -- a war that was declared against us by jihadists, a war in which the United States went on offense after 9/11, a war whose central front, in the opinion and actions of the enemy, is Iraq." - Dick Cheney at a speech to the Heritage Foundation in Chicago Today
Well, no, actually Dick, the central front became Iraq when we INVADED. OUR actions made that the front because they attack where we ARE.
God I hate politicians.
The Emu
07 April 2007 @ 01:35 am
So I am flipping through the movie channels, and what is on Starz Edge?
A porn based on Psycho, that's what.
It's called the No-Tell Motel.

So we start out where I came in, the middle of a sex scene (of course). From there I kept commentary. I don't know the main character's name, so I refer to her as She.
Sex scene "don't want to be other woman." "I don't have any money." Same as in the real movie.
Goes to work, has sex with the other girl.
Boss gives her briefcase of money for deposit tells her to take it to bank.
She decides not to. Drives off with money, calls friend to cancel dinner.
She goes to sleep on side of road, cop checks up on her but look suspicious.
Sees a used car for sale, asks owner if he'll trade cars. They have sex.
The car sucks, he has to push her out.
She stops at the "Gates Motel" Looks like no one is home. But theres a light on in the house.
Creepy German woman emerges, gives her a room. She even asks her where to get food and theres no place around.
German woman extends offer of food with her and "Father" up at the house.
Father has some objections which we hear from the house in a low creepy voice.
German lady brings her food an apologizes, they eat in the parlor. Well, instead of eating, they have sex.
German lady watches her change through a peep hole.
She takes a shower. Someone whom I can only assume is Father stabs her in the shower. The scene is exactly like the one in Psycho, only more gratuitous nudity and it was a lot shorter. Also not as well done.
German lady sees what her father has done and packs it up. I can't watch any more.

I really couldn't. It was bad. Plus Sin City was coming on next on Starz West. This is my life when I'm in Babylon.
The Emu
05 April 2007 @ 03:01 am

Please. Let's keep the snarky comments to a minimum.
The Emu
04 April 2007 @ 12:38 am
Took me a few days but here I am posting that my last entry was, indeed, an April fools joke.
Not that I needed to tell any of you, it was kind of ridiculous.
I was going to post it the night before and craft it better, but internet was out. So I had to rush it together before going off to see a show on Sunday. Its okay though, nothing could ever top last year.
Anyway, that's all I wanted to say. I'm pretty swamped right now so posting will probably be at a minimum until after Caesar.
The Emu
01 April 2007 @ 02:13 pm
Well guys, it's been a decision long in the making. I'm not cut out for this acting thing. I'm really just not all that good, you know. It isn't even really my passion any more. I kind of hate it right now. So I'm going to finish these last three shows and then I'm going to pursue my real passion.
Anyone who has known me for a long time has always heard me talk about wanting to open an Authentic Nigerian Cuisine restaurant. I've already found a space and started applying for a loan to rent it. I am going to drop out after this semester and start construction on the lot this summer. I plan to open in Mid 2008. All my closest friends won't be surprised, as everyone who knew my in high school used to always tell me that my passion for Nigerian food was unnatural. Well, now I'm putting it to good use.
More on this later...

Oh, and I'm also thinking of getting a sex change...
The Emu
31 March 2007 @ 04:40 am
So when you are a member of an Online Forum with open registration, you are often bombarded with Porn advertisements. Normally I can tell the post is for porn by the title and I just ignore it, but this one I looked at and was agog.

It was in the Report a Bug forum, and the title of the post was "For Gays". Now I knew it wasn't a bug report, but I was curious if it was actually advertising gay porn, because you really don't see much of that. A good 90% of porn on the internet is aimed at straight men, even if it is lesbian porn. Gay porn, while legitimate in it's own right, is not as widely displayed and certainly not as advertised. So linked in to the post.

What I am greeted with is an advert for a site called i-love-anal.info with the tag line "She is banged in the arse!"

Now, what am I supposed to take from that? Do they think Gay men like anal sex no matter who the other party is? Was it just a badly programmed bot? The questions are boggling my mind and will probably keep me up all night long.

I mean, who gets their porn like that anyway? I at least find it myself.
The Emu
28 March 2007 @ 03:17 pm
Stole this from Kate Washington. Interesting results. Other photos yielded Sting and another said I was a 100% match to Freddie Prince Jr.

The Emu
25 March 2007 @ 06:27 pm
Dorms are awkward places, especially when you're laundry room is in the lobby.
I don't have a laundry basket because there is no room for it in my tiny room. So I am carrying my unmentionables across the lobby hoping to duck immediately into an elevator when I'm stopped by John-Paul. "Some show last night, huh?"
And so we start to chat briefly about Laws of Construction when I notice the girl he is with is giving me a strange look. I realized that the way I was carrying my boxers ended up putting them right in my face. It looked like I was sniffing my own boxers.
The Emu
22 March 2007 @ 04:02 am
Now, I am a big supporter of Wikipedia, or at least the concept of Wikipedia. I think there are too many instances of people "guarding" wikipages to bar any changes on them and thus the idea is lost; but in certain ways Wikipedia is a wonderful utility.
However, it really does have it's place, as is obvious by the realization that the Wikiarticle on the Trolls of Folklore is only a few lines longer than the Wikiarticle on the Trolls of the Internet.
The Emu
21 March 2007 @ 01:35 am
I know I'm late with the Play Game this week but I had to come and let you know about this.

Subway has a new commercial out that blames PACMAN for Americans being so FAT!!!

Unbelievable. Watch out for it. Also this.
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The Emu
02 March 2007 @ 08:06 pm
Let's Write a Play
Round 9

Scene 1Collapse )

Lights up on a MAN walking down a busy street with a potato sticking out of his shirt pocket.

Hey, buddy! You want carrot? Carrot go well wit potato! Buy carrot!

Congrats to Caitlin Smith, this weeks winner. Remember you are not allowed to play again until after this round.
You win a prize with cash value of ~$0.00. Congratulations.

Official Rules
ATTENTION: If you are reading this on Facebook via Facebook Notes please head on over to Live Journal to comment. Line submissions will only be accepted on Live Journal
This round will end at 5:00 pm on Friday March 16th. No entries will be accepted for this round after that time.

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The Emu
24 February 2007 @ 03:33 pm
Well, all the pieces are falling into place and it looks like my summer is finally coming together. While it will be very difficult for this summer to top Last Summer, but it is looking pretty good.

As of now, this is what it looks like.
I will be staying in DC for the whole summer (except for maybe a weekend or two at home if I can).
I will continue to work for the drama department through May, which will include helping out at graduation so I can see all of my friends become real adults.
From the end of May until July I will be working for the Summer Opera as the Assistant Stage Manager, my first professional theatre gig. Two productions, $1000.00 fee per production. Plus I can finally call myself a theatre professional.
In between productions at Summer Opera I will do more stuff for the Department.
After the last Summer Opera show ends I will go back to working for Deb during the workday.
And night, however, I will be interning with Longacre Lea Productions, working directly for Kathleen Akerley in some fashion; which kicks total ass!

So, the problem: I need a place to stay.
Summer Opera will pay for my housing, wherever I live, for the time that I am working for them, which is usually on campus housing, but that is pretty expensive. The money comes out of my fee, but not dollar for dollar. Still, the less expensive the place I live is, the more money I get to keep. Plus, I need someplace to live before and after Summer Opera. So that is what the rest of my school year will be taken up with, finding a room. Let me know if you know of any options.

And I'll keep you updated.
The Emu
21 February 2007 @ 10:33 pm
So I may have stolen all of the department's photos from the production CD and might have accidentally posted them all on Facebook for the world to see. It is pretty friggin sweet. Check 'em out! Especially if you are one of those losers who couldn't come down to DC to see it!

Album 1
Album 2

I love acting!
The Emu
17 February 2007 @ 08:01 pm
Let's Write a Play
Round 8

Scene 1Collapse )

Lights up on a MAN walking down a busy street with a potato sticking out of his shirt pocket.

Congrats to meggels29, our second winner by default. Remember you are not allowed to play again until after this round.
There may not be many of you playing, but by god I'm going to stick with it!

ATTENTION: If you are reading this on Facebook via Facebook Notes please head on over to Live Journal to comment. Line submissions will only be accepted on Live Journal
This round will end at 5:00 pm on Friday March 2nd. No entries will be accepted for this round after that time.

Official Rules